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Welcome to our Puppy Information Packet

Some of our puppy info packet topics can still be found in the column below but due to un-ethical breeders linking to our info and telling people we worked together (and we do not)  I have converted most topics into our Puppy Manual. Which is a PDF that will be e-mailed to buyers once a deposit is put down. Our puppy manual is over 40 pages and was written by me. It covers many topics which I add to as needed. It currently has detailed topics including but not limited to:



Important Information


Detailed Puppy Supply List

Stress and Disease Prevention

What to Watch Out For

Keeping Puppy Healthy

Vaccinations and Vet Care

Bringing Puppy Home

 Feeding your Puppy

When to Switch to Adult Food

Monitoring Health


Understanding Canine Behavior

House Training

Behavior Problems

Puppy Socialization

Obedience Training

Tips for a Well Behaved Puppy

The Mouthing Puppy

NuVet Vitamin

Here also are some of my favorite links

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