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Name: SK's Shayde Yikes Thing 2

Sex: Female

Weight: 12#'s

Color: Black & Tan

DOB: 8/30/2015

Coat: Smooth hair 

Health Testing 


OFA-Cardio Normal/Clear


OFA-Eyes Normal/Clear

OFA-Degenerative Myelopathy Clear

CHIC # 117253

Pedigree of: SK's Blue Steele MSP HP48214201

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 9/3/2014

Color & Markings: Blue & Tan Piebald


                +--Jonan's Just a Cream Pie MSP HP04306304

            +--Alidon's Kahlua and Cream MSP HP17858401

            |   +--MaryAnna's Liza of Sugarland HP13647202

        +--Gorff's Memories of Elvis HP33541607 & I13-ZA-AN-30110T

        |   |   +--Howdy Dudie Rowdy HN00021901

        |   +--Ms Tillie Joy Gann HP09285401

        |       +--Peggy's Little Peaches & Cream HM94782806

    +--SK's What a Romance Romeo MS HP45661503

    |   |       +--Sr Cash In Time Ml HP033413/01

    |   |   +--Bjs Dash For Cash HP100469/02

    |   |   |   +--Bells Miss Issy Ms HM996120/02

    |   +--SK's Once in a Blue Moon MS HP41442002 & I13-AZ-AN-30133T

    |       |   +--T And T's Huckleberry Blue HP250896/02

    |       +--Bj's Blue Girl MS HP330613/02

    |           +--T And Ts Brownie Ms HP216250/01

+--SK's Blue Steele MSP HP48214201

    |           +--Collin-Dells Sweet Lil Huck HM993891/03

    |       +--Dream's Blue Rowdy HP065339/05

    |       |   +--Dreams Silver Mona Leeza Ms HM799626/02

    |   +--CH SK's Winston Churchill MSD HP28295805 & B10-ZA-AN-35023T

    |   |   |   +--Rockin' G's Dashing Splash Ml HP043901/04

    |   |   +--Rockin G's Splash of Chocolate HP188986/01

    |   |       +--Rockin G's Little Dimple HP082647/01

    +--SK's Pretty Lil Picasso MS HP46414601

        |       +--LJ Stormy Day

        |   +--Sk's Last Piece of The Puzzle MS HP40576101 & D10-YY-AN-32789A

        |   |   +--Diamonds' Got No Regrets MS

        +--SK's Black as a Raven HP44822504

            |   +--SK's Golden Nugget MS HP35076803 & B10-ZA-AN-35027T

            +--SK's Summer Shayde MS HP42111003 & I13-AZ-AN-30142T

                +--Bryan's Buffy HP36384001 & GO3-ZW-AN-36372C


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