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About Us

Hello, and welcome to our page. We are a family-run kennel in the North woods of Minnesota. We are very passionate about our Dachshund and the puppies we raise. Our family consists of my husband and I and our six kids and 2 grand kids. Two of which are already grown and moved out but live nearby.


We are located on 40 acres in the north woods of Akeley, MN with an abundance of trails for our dogs to enjoy. A perfect setting to raise our beautiful Dachshunds. We have been breeding top quality AKC Dachshund Puppies since 1992. We have some Champion bloodlines but quality family companions are our passion.  ​

When you see one of our Dachshunds, you see a Dachshund that has the temperament and beauty that you should expect from a well-bred dog. Our days are spent interacting with our dogs, grooming, walking and playing (or even napping) I know the key to a rich relationship with any Dachshund is very dependent on good breeding and socialization.


Every Dachshund puppy is raised lovingly with my children from birth which produces a much more sound and gentle temperament resulting in a much better family companion right from the start. This shows in the puppies we raise, as well as the resulting adult Dachshund. We do not believe in sacrificing anything in the process.


In addition to our working, and breeding activities, we are also involved in Dachshund rescue. If you are considering a Dachshund, please research the breed carefully!



Our core philosophy is that each dog is a precious gift of love and a lifetime commitment. Therefore, we take our breeding responsibilities very seriously. Since 1992 our family has been dedicated to studying and researching the Dachshund breed. We are devoted to raising top quality puppies! Our goal is to make it possible for families around the country to be able to find the puppy of their dreams that is not only healthy and well socialized but also comes from many generations of healthy well-bred dogs with excellent temperaments. We carefully select each parent for the best health and genetics and we proudly offer a lifetime temperament guarantee on all puppies.


All our Dachshunds are registered with the American Kennel Club and we are members of AKC's Bred with HEART program as all our dogs are screened for Eyes, Patella's, PRA, and Cardio. All dogs in our breeding program have superior temperaments and personality. We concentrate on each breeding to produce the best quality Dachshund Puppies available with supreme health resulting in the best family companion available as well as show, agility, sledding and obedience prospects.


 I have an excellent history of health in my Dachshunds. All of my Dachshund puppies and adults, are always kept up to date on vaccinations and de-worming's. We have one of the most extensive health guarantees you will find covering puppies today. That is how confident I am in my breeding program. I cover all our pups with a LIFETIME HEALTH & TEMPERAMENT GUARANTEE. Our vet comes out for a monthly visit and our dogs are thoroughly examined for health issues before being sold to any family. We also, start the house breaking process for an easy transition into your home.


We guarantee all our beautiful puppies are bred with the highest standards in the world. We select only the finest in genetics, conformation and temperament! When our puppies leave our care, they are HAPPY, HEALTHY, WELL-SOCIALIZED, and have had LOTS OF T.L.C! It is our goal that they stay that way. Anything less just isn't good enough for our wonderful puppies!!  



 We do sell our Dachshund Puppies to loving homes as lifetime companions. I rarely place pups with breeding rights but we do occasionally sell puppies to responsible breeders whom we can trust to provide safe, healthy, happy homes for our Dachshund puppies. My pups are sold as pets and are required to be spayed/neutered unless pre-approved for a breeding prospect. We DO NOT sell our Dachshund puppies to puppy mills, brokers or pet stores under any circumstances. I do my best to keep them and their offspring from ending up in puppy mills or in the hands of unethical, uneducated, irresponsible backyard breeders.

Please help to keep back yard breeders and puppy mills out of business by not purchasing from them or pet stores and especially not from online brokers who list all breeds of dogs. You will usually see these on the top hits of a google search and most look very convincing promising their no puppy mill guarantee but any breeder who cares about their pups screens homes and places their pups directly in the arms of their new owners.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will provide AKC papers, health records, feeding instructions, and a puppy manual. We also will provide a take home packet with collar, lead, toy, blanket and extras. There will also be a sales contract which obligates you to return the dog to the breeder if you cannot continue to care for it at any time during its life, rather than abandoning the dog or placing it in a shelter.

As a Responsible Breeder, we will spend time with you answering your questions and addressing your concerns.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will insist that you spay/neuter your pet puppy with a written contract and limited registration unless you specifically talk to me prior and are approved.


As a Responsible Breeder, we are knowledgeable in the breed and are able to offer you advice for training, socializing, grooming and generally taking care of your puppy, a responsible breeder is a wealth of knowledge with their years of experience and  years of studying their breed, and dog requirements in general. If you choose us as your responsible breeder you will be able to contact us throughout your dogs life for tips, and advice on a multitude of advice.


As a Responsible Breeder, we encourage puppy buyers to go to puppy and obedience classes to help their puppies to become better canine good citizens. The achievement of a Canine Good Citizen certificate is encouraged.


As a Responsible Breeder, we will not sell, supply, donate or surrender any dog to a pet shop, catalogue house, wholesale dealer in dogs, Humane Society, or Shelter or to a laboratory. We also microchip all our puppies to insure none of our puppies end up in these places by buyers.

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