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AKC Miniature Dachshund Puppies For Sale

Puppy Price $1250-$2500 

Refresh your browser for most current pics and availability


​ This breed is not for everyone, so please investigate BEFORE purchasing.


​ "Dachshunds are beautiful, intelligent, athletic and gentle, but they are not for everyone."


​"Dachshunds are stubborn and tenacious but fiercely loyal"


​"They’re barkers and There will be accidents in the house"


​ "They are prone to back problems"


​"They are scrappy and have a high prey drive but do well with cats if raised together from a young age"


​ "Fun-loving, adventurous, alert, clever, stubborn, mischievous and obstinate. All describe the Dachshund"

Puppies come with
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