Snoopy is our beautiful blue piebald boy.  He is very sweet and docile. He adores his girls and spends his time grooming them, He also loves his kids and puppies and is great with other dogs and cats as well. 

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Name: SK's Safari Trax

Sex: Male

Weight: 10 #'s

Color: Cream

DOB: 09/17/2013

Coat: Longhair

Health Testing


OFA-Cardio Normal/Clear


OFA-Eyes Normal/Clear

OFA-Degenerative Myelopathy Clear


CHIC # 106908

Pedigree of: SK's Safari Trax HP46414702

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 9/17/2013

Color & Markings: Cream


                +--Countrylov'N Montana Gold Ml HP118225/03

            +--Clv’s Montana’s Luck of the Draw Mlcc HP226587/02

            |   +--Countrylov'N Autumn Breeze Ml HP124230/01

        +--Kate's MDB's Playful Petey MLCC HP27509802

        |   |   +--Outside Inn's Hummer O' Lad HP097347/04

        |   +--Ellers Madam Celene HP14549303

        |       +--Outside Inn's Lady in Red ML HM99419302

    +--H2k's Yippie Skippie HP32659802

    |   |       +--Myles Quincy Von Harlach HP05568501

    |   |   +--Mollys Hayden Of Sabinal HP10201701

    |   |   |   +--My Angelique Vonharlach HP05463004

    |   +--Mollys Loretta Lyn HP19301802

    |       |   +--Uey's American Princess Lesi HM941083/03

    |       +--Uey's Lady Dharma HP03702204

    |           +--Uey's Gina Celeste HM95441606

+--SK's Safari Trax HP46414702

    |           +--Aus. CH Misty Dale Myn'z Blak W Cream Imp. NZ

    |       +--Dachsiedowns Mynz Creme HN00372101

    |       |   +--Dachsiedowns Kiwi Ivory

    |   +--Cedarhurst CBWAGS4U Dundee ML HP38219001

    |   |   |   +--Heidox-Rawls Stetson Mcl HP246247/06

    |   |   +--Cbwags4u-Rawls Believe'N R Faith ML HP30150702

    |   |       +--Heidox-Rawls Cheyenne Sky Mbtl HP237070/03

    +--Cedarhurst Goin for the Gold MLC HP42223406 & I13-AZ-AN-30146T

        |       +--Clv Braveheart Mlc HP285296/03

        |   +--Cbwags4u Sir Higgins Mlc HP326863/01

        |   |   +--CBWags4U Miss Phoebe MLCD HP287950/01

        +--Cedarhurst Gold'N Glimmer Cbwags4u ML HP373152/01

            |   +--Lyne's Little Gem (United Kingdom) HN011376/01

            +--Cedarhurst Chatterbox Ml HP239736/01

                +--Cedarhurst Crem'by Stella ML HM822526/03


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